Baker Place Learn From Home-

Screencast- How To Access Classlink and Other Programs!-
PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports- 
PBIS Choice Board- 
Pre-k teachers will be checking in with parents daily. Each day they will receive an email of exactly what they should be doing with their kids, along with suggested activities to extend their learning at home! 
1st Grade-
2nd Grade-
3rd Grade- 
4th Grade-
Crosby and Moorman-
Beattie and Alva- 
Week 1 (March 18th-20th)-
Week 2 (March 23rd- 27th)-
Week 3 (March 30th- April 3rd)-
Week 4 (April 14th- April 17th)-
Week 5 (April 20th- April 24th)- 
Week 6 (April 27th- May 1st)- 
Week 7 (May 4th- May 8th)- 
Butterfield, Fowler, Watts- 
5th Grade- 
Encore teachers will have office hours through email everyday from 1pm-4pm
All Encore activities are optional! Students are not required to complete these activities. 
This document has also has Art, Music, Computer and Guidance options-
Learning Commons- 
2. Epic! Books- Amazing site with thousands of books, audio books, videos and amazing resources! -
3. Pebble Go! (Curriculum- connected Research Tool)
Pebble Go Research Projects- 
1. Biography- choose a person to research and complete this research sheet using Pebble go!
2. Animals- choose an animal to research and complete this research sheet using Pebble Go!
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5. Need a bedtime story or read aloud? Check out these! 
7. The Complete Audible Library is FREE FOR STUDENTS!-
8. CCBOE Digital Learning Website, tons of great resources!-
9. Digital Citizenship- 
-Kindergarten- Safety in my Online Neighborhood 
-1st Grade- Internet Traffic Light 
-2nd Grade- Putting a STOP to Online Meanness
-3rd Grade- Is Seeing Believing? 
-4th Grade- Be a Super Digital Citizen 
-5th Grade- Is it Cyberbullying? 
2. PBS Kids Design Squad STEM Challenges-
3. Check out our class website, complete with coding links and interactive simulations-
School Counselors-
Office hours- 9am-12pm daily. 
Social Emotional Activity Choice Board- 
Military Counseling- If anyone is interested in scheduling a military counseling session, please have them call Mrs. Leone at: 706.513.1493.
Resource Teachers-
Mrs. Dykstra- 
Mrs. Bridges-
Mrs. Drake- 
Mrs. Hoffman-
Occupational Therapist (Ms. Baughn)-
Mrs. Epps- 
Mrs. Bryant-
3rd Grade- 
4th Grade- 
5th Grade- 
Mrs. Jennifer Turner-
2nd Grade MTSS- 
3rd Grade MTSS- 
5th Grade MTSS- 
Mrs. Burns, Speech- 
Speech Fluency-

Articulation Picture Cards for Each Sound: (scroll down to find your sound)

Great websites to explore for more Language fun-

K-2: – This is a site that has animated story books but also has coordinated lesson plans. No print needed! There is truly NO goal that cannot be targeted with a book. There is currently a one month free trial to take advantage of.

3-5: – This is a fantastic site that recently opened up an option for families/teachers in e-learning situations. They take current events and make them ‘kid friendly’ with supported visuals for articles and LOADS of activities. Click sign in and use Teacher option for free trial.

Practice your sound - videos
Mrs. Arrington, Horizons- 
Office Hours- 9am-12pm 
Free Online Resources-
1. Educational companies offering FREE subscriptions-
2. Scholastic Learn at Home- 
3.Typing Club- Student can learn to type more quickly and acculturate- 
4. Seterra- Learn Geography while having fun!-