Nurse » Giving Medication while at School Policy

Giving Medication while at School Policy

  • It is recommended if a medication can be given at home to please do so. 
  • All prescription and non prescription medications to include cough drops must have an authorization to dispense form and/or a signed Parent/Guardian note with instructions on file.
  • ALL medications must be brought in the original container (no baggies, envelopes, foil, etc.) to include cough drops.  Parent/Guardian must provide specific instructions, as well as the medication and related equipment to the Principal or Clinic personnel.  It will be the responisibility of the Parent/Guardian to inform the school of any changes.  New medications or new doses will not be given unless a new authorization form is completed. 
  • The student will take all medications directly to the office/clinic upon arrival if he/she is transporting medication. 
  • Please indicate on the authorization to dispense form if unused medication is to be sent home at the end of the school year or to be disposed of by the School Nurse.
  • In order for the school officals to adminster any herbal/alternative medication or dietary supplements, or a prescribed medication for a period greater than ten  days, if must include the following on the authorization to dispense form:  Condition/Illness requiring the medication; Possible side effects, if any and the Signature of Physician ordering the medication!