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Car Rider Pro Information


-There is only one lane for drop off in the morning.

-Please have your students ready to get out!

-The parking lot is not to be used as a second drop off line.

-When using the drop-off lane please pull all the way down to the end so that traffic does not get backed up!

-Our safety officer will be outside as well as other teachers to make sure your students are safely entering the school.

-There are also teachers at the entrance and in the entryway to help students get to class!!




-There are 2 lanes of pick up in the afternoon.

-Please have your car rider tag up on your mirror so the scanner located at the entrance of the school can scan as you drive past.

-Once the traffic lanes split into 2 lanes please split every other lane so the lines will be even on both sides.

-Please remain in your vehicle until traffic has stopped moving.

-Once the traffic has stopped we ask that you stand by your car or you may step to the sidewalk adjacent to your car so that your student can find you quickly and we -can keep the line moving!

-If you do not see your student come out with the group please let someone know ASAP! If they are not ready to come out quickly we might have you pull around and park so that the line can move and we will get your student out with the next group!

-Please be patient as the car line has many new students! We are working on getting the students out as quickly as we can!




-Please get in the line just like you would normally and when you see someone with a radio please let us know to call your student.

-If you do not have a tag and need one please email your homeroom teacher and let them know.